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5 Ways Robert Pattinson Saved the MTV Movie Awards

From The Stir

Silent, smoldering type Robert Pattinsonand his uncharacteristically crazy stunts single-handedly saved last night’s MTV Movie Awards from becoming a giant snore, and now I can’t wait to see more ofEdward’s wild side! Not that I don’t love Pattinson’s sultry, wordless gaze or that sexy, long-suffering pout, but who knew this guy could give a boring awards show such a powerful shot of adrenaline? He’s funny, in a totally not-trying-to-be-funny way, has an air of unpredictability that’s just dangerous enough to keep us on the edge of our seats, and apparently has no qualms about kissing his male co-stars (read on!). These are my picks for Pattinson’s Top 5 MTV Award Show-Saving


Moments:RPatz drops the F-bomb on Reese Witherspoon. The presentation of a lifetime achievement award or, as MTV calls their version, the Generation Award, is usually beyond dull. But thanks to Pattinson’s endearing screw-ups, including flubbing jokes and laughing at his own inability to ad-lib as instructed by the teleprompter, Reese Witherspoon had quite the racy award-acceptance experience. Best part? The censors weren’t prepared when Pattinson wrapped up his anecdote about shootingWater for Elephants with Reese by saying, “But I did f–k you.” So the slip aired live!

Pattinson plants one on Taylor Lautner. Yeah, we were all soooo surprised when Robert andKristen Stewart won for Best Kiss (again). But before we could even start to yawn, Pattinson declared he didn’t “feel like kissing” Stewart and dashed off the stage into the crowd to give a big sloppy kiss to “someone who would appreciate it more” – Taylor Lautner! Priceless.

(Check out the video on Rpattzsa’s Vodpod account in the side bar or click here )

Robert accidentally announces co-star’s pregnancy. When Pattinson, Xavier Samuel, andBryce Dallas Howard (Victoria) stepped up to the mike to receive the award for Best Fight, it wasn’t immediately obvious that Dallas Howard is pregnant (empire waist dress, flowy fabric, you get the picture). Then Pattinson put the trio’s awkward banter to an end, responding to Dallas Howard’s faux apology for trying to hurt Rob on film by saying, “That’s ok, I ripped your head off … and now you’re pregnant!” Whoops! Cut to Kristen Stewart’s jaw dropping.

Pattinson disses Zac Efron on the sly. Accepting his award for Best Male Performance from Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, Pattinson expressed I’m not worthy surprise by giving a shout-out to his fellow nominee: “Zac Efron was crying and stuff in that little clip!” Nice.

Rob lets Taylor take over. In a classic display of life imitating art, poor Jacob lost award after award to Edward. So it was a classy and generous gesture for Pattinson to give Lautner sole control of the mike for the Best Picture acceptance speech. (Good thing Gary Busey was stuck in that bubble, or he probably would have stolen the spotlight!)


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Twilight Stars Decide The Real Best Kiss Of The Night

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Rob Talk Breaking Dawn Wedding With MTV

From MTV

We caught up with the man better known as Edward Cullen after his Movie Awards win for Best Male Performance. While he was still reveling in the excitement from taking the Golden Popcorn, he was willing to look to the future and tell us how awesome his upcoming onscreen wedding is going to be.

“It’s very pretty, very sweet,” he said. “Hopefully it will be good.”

Apparently that adorable-looking walk down the aisle was all Kristen and not as much RPattz, he admitted.

“I didn’t really do much other than just stand there,” he said with a laugh. “Which I guess is what most guys do.”

And he had nothing but glowing things to say about his on- and off-screen lady love and her performance.

“She looked amazing,” he said, adding that the dress looked amazing. “She got to do the whole walking down the aisle and everything.”

MTV Movie Awards News & Pic’s

Rob won all the categories he was nominated in which include:

– Best Actor (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) 

– Best Fight Scene with Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) 

– Best Kiss with Kristen Stewart (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) 

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse also won best movie!




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2011 MTV Movie Awards – Voting Now Open

Voting for the 2011 MTV movie awards are open so go vote.

Eclipse, Rob and some of the other cast members have been nominated.

Click here to Vote

Best Movie : Eclipse

Best Kiss:

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson


Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner

Best Male Performance:

Robert Pattinson


Taylor Lautner

Best Fight:

Robert Pattinson


Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel

Best Breakout Star:

Xavier Samuel

Best Female Performance:

Kristen Stewart


2011 MTV Movie Awards – Help Choose The Nominees

Help choose the nominees for the 2011 MTV movie awards.

Vote for Rob to make sure he gets nominated. Voting is open until April 5th.





Best Male Performance – Robert Pattinson ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’






Best Kiss – Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson

‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’









Best Fight – Robert Pattinson vs. Bryce Dallas Howard & Xavier Samuel ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’




Best Line From A Movie – Robert Pattinson ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse –

“Doesn’t he own a shirt?”







Best Movie – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse









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Rob, Kristen & Taylor Will Not Be Attending The VMA’s

Sad news alert!

You won’t be seeing Twilight‘s biggest stars this weekend—at least not on Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards…

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are not—we repeat, not—expected to attend the big Chelsea Handler-hosted shindig. It’ll be weird without them, but with no projects (i.e., Breaking Dawn) to promote, there’s no major reason for the trio to be there.

Plus, they’re busy. Rob’s been on holiday while Kristen and Taylor are off filming nonbloodsucking projects.

No word on other Twi– plans for the VMAs, but we wouldn’t be surprised if some of the vampire saga’s other costars show up at the VMAs to represent.

And now for the seriously more hard-core Twi-hards out there, Summit Entertainment is celebrating Bella’s upcoming birthday by rereleasing Eclipse in theaters starting on Friday.

In other movie—but not Twilight—news, the late night place to be at the Venice Film Festival appears to be the popup outpost of Amy Sacco’s famed New York club Bungalow 8. Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck have been regulars, according to a fellow clubgoer. Clive Owen was there last night, as was Ben Affleck, who had dinner with Jeremy Renner. Sunday’s guest list included Darren Aronofsky, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and Naomi Campbell.

Longer MTV ‘Eclipse’ Clip


Robert Pattinson Reflects On ‘Twilight Saga’ Success At MTV Movie Awards

‘I just have to keep working to not explode,’ he tells MTV News of the wild ride.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — A long time ago, in a faraway land (OK, maybe it was just Portland), the stars of the “Twilight” series were nobodies. Hopes weren’t terribly high when that girl from “The Messengers,” Mike Dexter from “Can’t Hardly Wait” and the kid who died in the “Harry Potter” movies came together to shoot Stephenie Meyer’s first novel.

But as the “Saga” stars dominated another MTV awards show this weekend, Robert Pattinson couldn’t help but marvel at how far they’ve come.

“It’s crazy,” the spiky-haired superstar marveled at the MTV Movie Awards, looking back on simpler times. “For it to have accelerated so quickly.”

At the 2008 Movie Awards, the first “Twilight” film was barely approaching the end of production when some last-minute scrambling had Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart walking the red carpet … so unnoticed that they had to go back and start again because no one was stopping them for questions. Well, except us.

“I should have done a more coherent speech for the Global thing,” RPattz said of his Global Superstar win, appreciating the massive audience all over the world that has tuned in over the past few years to hang on his every word (that is, when he’s not being cut off by the host). “It’s just so ridiculous.”

The 2009 Movie Awards were the culmination of the chaos, as KStew and RPattz’s initial wave of fame swept over Universal City. This time, the stars were accompanied by Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Taylor Lautner and Peter Facinelli — many of whom weren’t even invited the previous year. By the end of the night, they were the new kings and queens of the show.

“I still don’t have any idea what’s going on,” Rob admitted to us backstage this year. “I just have to keep working to not explode.

“I’m incredibly appreciative of every little piece that’s come together,” he concluded, flashing that same charming, uneasy grin that he’s brought with him to Universal City for the past three years, “so I can be living this ridiculous life.”

Source :MTV

All The New From The 2010 MTV Movie Awards

Congrat to Robert Pattinson and the cast of New Moon .

Rob won :

-Best Kiss (with Kristen Stewart)

-Global Superstar

-Best Male Performance

Best Movie –New Moon

Here’s the video of the cast accepting the award if your under 18 cover your ears as MTV did not censor and there’s a lot of f@$#%ing .

Other cast members:

-Best Female Performance – Kristen Stewart

Anna Kendrick won Best Breakout Star for Up in the Air

New ‘Eclipse’ clip

Besides Rob looking super yummy the thing I wanted to see the most was the new ‘Eclipse’ clip that Rob, Kristen & Taylor introduced.

Eclipse is going to be so good I can not wait !

Pic’s from the awards

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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MTV Movie Awards: Rob Pattinson Steals the Show and a Kiss From Kristen

As Team Edward gears up to claim victory over Team Jacob this month when The Twilight Saga: Eclipse finally hits theaters, Twihards let it be known that they’re not done celebrating the splendor that was New Moon yet.

The vampirific sequel was named Best Movie at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday and saw its reach extend into five categories overall, more proof that the young’uns who vote for such things don’t give two hoots what critics say, they just want their Ed TV.

And it’s ironic that there’s now an award for Best WTF Moment, considering the entire telecast itself was, in fact, a chain of WTF moments. Some were excruciatingly bad (A for effort, host Aziz Ansari) but, happily, many ranged from quite funny to downright hilarious.

First of all, perhaps sensing cinematic blood in the water once again, Robert Pattinson and his smokin’ short ‘do had a very dominant night.

The British heartthrob took home a leading three gilded buckets of popcorn, including the first-ever bucket for Global Superstar, a fans’ choice award for which he beat out both of his Twilight cosuperstars as well as Zac Efron and Johnny Depp.

Pattinson also won for Best Male Performance, after which he endearingly thanked his parents for conceiving him and Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke, “who I owe a lot now, like everything.”

Kristen Stewart, winner for Best Female Performance for New Moon, gave one of her signature nonspeeches, first asking the stars of Grown Ups, who presented her with the award, if they “want to do this for me?”

“Thank you so much. I guess Twilight is really awesome, and I agree. Whoo!” she gave a thumbs-up. [Director] Chris Weitz, I haven’t talked to him in awhile. How cool is this, right? I’m going to peace out and thank you so much.”

Pattinson, sitting with his knees tucked under his chin, looked positively dazzled the entire time, however. And that must have stirred his inner mischief-maker because, when he and Stewart made their second trip in as many years to the podium to accept the popcorn for Best Kiss, he didn’t let his costar get away with her usual “it takes a lot of smoke and mirrors to make us look good kissing,” and planted one on her anyway when her guard was down.

Stewart somehow managed not to spontaneously combust.

Source: Eonline & Robert Pattinson Life & Robert Pattinson Australia
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