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Kellan Lutz Talk About Rob In A New Interview

In a new interview Kellan talk about Rob, playing Emmett and Twilight fans.

You can read the full interview here.

Even though there’s no hesitation when he declares that Emmett Cullen is the closest character he’s played to the real life Kellan Lutz, the actor admits that his most noted role to date almost didn’t happen. Back when he was filming HBO’s Generation Kill in Africa, Lutz had the Twilight script thrown his way for consideration of the lead, Edward Cullen. Not feeling he was in the right mindset at the time to play another depressing role so soon, and being unfamiliar with the book series that preceded the films, there was no problem turning down the auditions. But a persistent agent and a quick look into Emmett’s personality and Lutz felt the connection.

“It’s one of those things where I look at Emmett and I see me. I just see this jovial person, and he can be the protector, and I was with my family growing up. I have a lot of brothers, so you gotta stand up for your family. But, then again, I don’t let a lot of stuff faze me; I don’t like being stressed out in life I don’t think I would have played a great Edward. I think what Rob [Pattinson] does with it is mind-blowing. They need someone like Rob to really give Edward so many layers without doing much. And I love my character to death. I would never want to give up Emmett – it doesn’t matter how many lines, it doesn’t matter if I’m number one on the call sheet – I love him to death, and I’d play him for 10 more movies.”

Unfortunately for all the diehard Twilight fans – and we know there’s a multitude of them – there won’t be 10 more movies. Even with the success of the books, it was hard for the cast of the adapted films to know where they would come out in all this. “I don’t think any of us knew [how big this would be],” Lutz acknowledges. “We all kind of crossed our fingers and hoped for the best because everyone wants to be a part of a franchise.” It would be hard to get any better reaction than what they’ve received, and, for this vampire at least, the fanatical fans are nothing to shy away from.

““I love the fans A the more the merrier, the crazier the better. I really embrace it; I’m a people person, I’m very much an extrovert. There have been some crazy times, like fans didn’t think I was real and wanted to tackle me or they brought handcuffs and wanted to take me home, [but] it’s all out of love. There’s always a fun group of Twimoms or Twihards, especially around the world who really teach me new things, and I get to see new personalities. It’s great.”

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