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Peter Facinelli: 5 Minutes With A Sexy Vampire

We stopped ourselves swooning for long enough to ask Twilight’s Peter Facinelli, 36 (who play’s Carlisle, Edward’s adoptive father) about biting fans, sharing sex god status with R-Pattz, and vamp sexiness

How do you feel about your sex god status?
Wow, I’m getting red in the face. I don’t know, am I a sex god? The fans of the Twilight films have always been wonderful, so I can’t complain whatsoever.

Do you think Robert Pattinson steals a lot of the attention away from you?
If Rob takes the attention off me then I’m happy to take whatever is left over because there’s plenty to go around for everyone in the cast. I don’t know how Rob handles it. I know how much attention I get and it’s crazy and he gets so much more than me, I can’t imagine how he does it. To have your life under a microscope like that when you’re only 24. He can’t even walk down the street to get a coffee without paparazzi jumping out of the bushes. If it was me I think I’d go crazy, it must be very difficult.

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Peter Facinelli Talk About Rob & ‘Eclipse’ In New Interview

On the big screen, he returns as Dr. Carlisle Cullen, the preppy patriarch of an affluent clan of vampires in Eclipse, the third film in the tween-fave Twilight saga that opens June 30. “Eclipse is my favorite book in the series,” says Facinelli, whose benevolent version of Count Dracula finally gets his bite on while warding off a rival gang of newborn hemoglobin addicts.

“I like that the two opposing forces, vampires and werewolves, band together for the common good,” he says of the plot, which finds the Cullens striking an uneasy truce with Native American shape-shifters to protect son Edward’s mortal love, Bella.

If he had to seek medical care from one of his docs, which one would he choose: the compassionate bloodsucker Cullen, who insists that he and his family feed only on animals? Or the socially clumsy Cooper, who can suck the air out of a room just by opening his mouth?

“Carlisle, bar none,” Facinelli says. “He would make you live forever.”

Still, he is glad to have never been subjected to the kind of intense public scrutiny as faced by his young Twilight cast mates Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

“It must have been scary, to be catapulted into the limelight when you are that age,” says Facinelli, who will return for Breaking Dawn, the adaptation of the fourth book that might be turned into two films. “I don’t know if I could have handled it so gracefully, to be under that kind of microscope and judged if you go out or be judged if you stay in. The rumors just fly around. They lead a simple life and are not seeking that kind of publicity.”

But even Carlisle gets his share of shrieks from the so-called Twi-hards. “When I do charity events and the fans show up, I get some screaming there.”

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The Cullen Boys

Great new still of the Cullen men.

Source LA Times

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The Cullens Talk About Eclipse

‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ is a bloodbath for the Cullens

They must battle an army of new vampires controlled by Victoria and this time you’ll get to see their ‘true vampire-ness,’ according to actor Peter Facinelli.

The family that slays together, stays together.

At least that’s the case for the Cullen brood.

In “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” which hits theaters June 30, Seattle is ravaged by a series of killings caused by an army of newborn vampires controlled by revenge-seeking bloodsucker Victoria. To combat the threat against Bella ( Kristen Stewart) in this third installment of the franchise, the Cullens must band together and join forces with their sworn enemies, the wolf pack.

“The whole family is in a vulnerable position because of the love we have for Bella,” said Elizabeth Reaser, who plays matriarch Esme Cullen. “If she’s not OK, we’re not OK.”

In the past, we’ve seen the clan hit baseballs so hard that they can play only in a thunder storm, to block out the sound. And we’ve watched the buttoned-up human imposters welcome Bella into their home as the human girlfriend of one of their own — the handsome Edward.

“This time around, you get to see their true vampire-ness,” said Peter Facinelli, who plays head vampire Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the series based on the bestselling books by Stephenie Meyer.

What can we expect from the pale-faced Cullen family (which includes the Hale siblings) this go around? Here’s what the actors say audiences can expect from the story and their characters:

Facinelli: “For me, as Carlisle, it’s an exciting portion of the series. Carlisle is very compassionate and he has a lot of killing to do in this movie. I joke, after he kills the bad guys, he says he’s sorry in his head. And, you know, he’s calm and level-headed. He’s the rock of the family. He usually has a lot of information to draw from because Alice can see into the future and Edward can read minds. In this third movie, he’s not getting that information. Neither one of his sources are working, so he’s kind of flying blind.”

Reaser: “Esme is still a vampire. She still wants to kill people all day long. It was interesting to get in touch with the vampire side of her in ways that haven’t really been explored. Her family is in danger and that brings out the mama bear in her.

Ashley Greene (as Alice Cullen): “Yeah, she’s delicate and prissy at times, but Alice gets a little edgier with each installment. And with these vampires messing with her family and the people she loves, you’re going to see a bit of her toughness. It’s a reminder to the audience that even though we restrain ourselves at times, we’re still vampires and we’re dangerous. You’re going to see the dark, dangerous side of Alice.”

Kellan Lutz (as Emmett Cullen): “You’re going to see a smile on Emmett’s face from start to finish. He just loves to fight. And there’s a lot of fighting. He sort of plays bigger in this one than the others.”

Jackson Rathbone (as Jasper Hale): “You’ll get to see a little bit of the root of what makes Jasper so withdrawn and quiet in the Cullen family. Fans will get some of Jasper’s back story in ‘Eclipse.’ I got to wear the whole Civil War gear and everything. There’s a bit of the softer and darker side of Jasper in this film.”

Nikki Reed (as Rosalie Hale): “You see a reason for her attitude. I think fans will feel for her. There was a bit of that in ‘New Moon.’ Fans got to see a bit of her sensitive side. Her sane side. Her logical side. And her desire to help her family. This time around, she is much more of a participant. She’s a survivor. This is her family. So if protecting Bella means protecting her family, she’s going to do it.”

Robert Pattinson (as Edward Cullen): Snagging a phone interview with the brooding dreamboat — who was overseas shooting his latest film, “Bel Ami” — proved difficult. So what can we expect from the lovesick Edward? He promises to love Bella “every moment of forever,” as the trailer reveals. He’s still hesitant about her becoming a vampire. He’s determined to protect her from Victoria. And he’s vying with Jacob for her affections. Oh, the life of an antique teenage vampire.

Source :L A Times

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