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Full Audio Of Rob’s Performance At Sofar (2010)

An impromptu performance by Robert Pattinson at a past London ‘Songs From a Room’ secret living room gig. One of the many ‘Sofarsounds’ events that showcase new artists and give musicians a chance to be heard in an intimate setting. Sofarsounds have recently launched their ‘Kickstarter’ donations appeal to give fans a unique way of supporting new artists and become part of their international movement.
You can donate to the movement here with a great reward scheme!
Be sure to check out some of the other artists on here and our page!

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Songs From A Room

Songs From A Room

An exclusive new series of ‘pop up’ concerts taking place in living rooms across London is generating buzz for featuring new acts and surprise guests including actor Robert Pattinson and The Magic Numbers.Matt Cowan reports.

If you like to hear more songs performed by Rob  head over to Rob Radio at or click here.

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