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New Outtakes From Rob’s Details Photoshoot !

The 1st two pic’s are new ( at least to me ) the other two I’ve seen before but not in HQ.



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Another 38 Outtakes Of Rob


As always thanks to Setje & Pattinsonlife via RPAustralia

Black & White Outtakes Of Rob

Some of these are new and some old but it’s still nice to look at them again.



Thanks Setje and pattinsonlife 


New TV Week Outtakes




Thanks to Setje at Pattinsonlife via Robert Pattinson Life

4 New Photoshoot Outtakes

Thanks to setje & pattinsonlife.




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25 New Outtakes !

25 New outtakes from that never ending photoshoot for TV Week.

Thanks to Setje & PattinsonLife for sharing .




New Outtakes Of Rob, Kristen & Taylor From The 2008 Empire Photoshoot





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Another 25 New Outtakes

Thanks, as always, to Setje at Pattinsonlife


New & Old Outtakes From Rob’s 2009 ‘Vanity Fair’ Shoot

Nobody can forget that gorgeous Vanity Fair photoshoot of 2009 now we have some new outtakes and some of the old pic’s are now untagged!

This man is gonna be the death of me !! So gorgeous !

Huge thank you to  Setje and Pattinsonlife for the pic’s .

If you  re-post this, please credit Pattinsonlife and ask your followers/readers to do the same.

I’ve posted the new outtakes 1st and then the old ones .

Enjoy !


25 New Photoshoot Outtakes !

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