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Twilight Saga Cast On The Ellen Show – Pic’s & Video Preview Of The Show

Here’s a little preview of what we have to look forward to on the show + some stills from the show.



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Kellan Lutz Mentions Rob In New Interview With InStyle

Kellan Lutz mentions Rob and Breaking Dawn in a new interview with InStyle.

Before we get into your turn as a Greek god, please tell us about something we’ve been waiting for since last year’s Eclipse: What was it like filming Bella and Edward’s wedding in Breaking Dawn?

Well, it sucked for the girls beacuse it kept raining. I was comfy in a suit, but they were in dresses and looked, well, vampirically pale because it was so cold! But it turned out beautifully. Kristen (Stewart) looked so good in that dress, and Rob (Pattinson), of course, was studly. The fans are going to melt and swoon.


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Kellan Lutz – “I’m Really Proud Of Rob For Working Out And Training Really Hard”





From MTV

Robert Pattinson is known for many things: his perfectly unkempt coif, his smoldering stare and his ability to make every girl swoon. Yet, one thing RPattz hasn’t been particularly well known for is his muscular physique…until recently.

In the “Breaking Dawn” trailer we see Edward Cullen take his new bride Bella on their honeymoon retreat, and it’s there that we get a short glimpse of his bulging back when he BREAKS THE HEADBOARD in a fit of passion.

After seeing the scene, however, some wondered if Rob actually used a body double. Well, we caught up with his “Twilight” co-star Kellan Lutz, who blessedly assured us that it was all Rob.

“Someone asked if that was me. Is that Kellan’s back?” the 26-year-old actor said, laughing at the idea. “I’m really proud of Rob for working out and really training really hard. He cycled so hard and trained very hard, and he’s really diligent. He talked to me about what proteins to drink and what to do and he listened and cared. He had a great mentality for it.”


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Twilight Stars Decide The Real Best Kiss Of The Night

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Kellan Lutz Talk About Rob In A New Interview

In a new interview Kellan talk about Rob, playing Emmett and Twilight fans.

You can read the full interview here.

Even though there’s no hesitation when he declares that Emmett Cullen is the closest character he’s played to the real life Kellan Lutz, the actor admits that his most noted role to date almost didn’t happen. Back when he was filming HBO’s Generation Kill in Africa, Lutz had the Twilight script thrown his way for consideration of the lead, Edward Cullen. Not feeling he was in the right mindset at the time to play another depressing role so soon, and being unfamiliar with the book series that preceded the films, there was no problem turning down the auditions. But a persistent agent and a quick look into Emmett’s personality and Lutz felt the connection.

“It’s one of those things where I look at Emmett and I see me. I just see this jovial person, and he can be the protector, and I was with my family growing up. I have a lot of brothers, so you gotta stand up for your family. But, then again, I don’t let a lot of stuff faze me; I don’t like being stressed out in life I don’t think I would have played a great Edward. I think what Rob [Pattinson] does with it is mind-blowing. They need someone like Rob to really give Edward so many layers without doing much. And I love my character to death. I would never want to give up Emmett – it doesn’t matter how many lines, it doesn’t matter if I’m number one on the call sheet – I love him to death, and I’d play him for 10 more movies.”

Unfortunately for all the diehard Twilight fans – and we know there’s a multitude of them – there won’t be 10 more movies. Even with the success of the books, it was hard for the cast of the adapted films to know where they would come out in all this. “I don’t think any of us knew [how big this would be],” Lutz acknowledges. “We all kind of crossed our fingers and hoped for the best because everyone wants to be a part of a franchise.” It would be hard to get any better reaction than what they’ve received, and, for this vampire at least, the fanatical fans are nothing to shy away from.

““I love the fans A the more the merrier, the crazier the better. I really embrace it; I’m a people person, I’m very much an extrovert. There have been some crazy times, like fans didn’t think I was real and wanted to tackle me or they brought handcuffs and wanted to take me home, [but] it’s all out of love. There’s always a fun group of Twimoms or Twihards, especially around the world who really teach me new things, and I get to see new personalities. It’s great.”

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Breaking Dawn News – Rehearsals Have Begun

Rob, Kristen & Taylor have arrived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and have begun rehearsals.

Rob & Kristen arriving on set.

Ashley , Nikki & Kellan have also made their way to Louisiana.




Breaking Dawn Birth Scene: “I Love the Way They’re Showing It,” Says Kellan Lutz

Let the countdown begin. Cameras are pretty close to rolling on Breaking Dawn.

“We start sometime in October and go all the way through to late April,” Kellan Lutz says. “I just did a [wardrobe fitting] and a contact lenses test.”

As for that much anticipated, hard-to-imagine birthing scene…

Lutz cracked, “I think they should show it and have Emmett in the background laughing.”

Joking aside, Lutz says he knows what director Bill Condon has planned for the potentially gory sequence. “I love the way that they’re showing it,” he said. “I really thought that was going to be really a tough thing to show.”

Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg recently told us the birth of baby Renesmee won’t necessarily be gruesome. “I don’t think it’s about the amount of blood you show,” she said. “It’s about the intensity of it. It’s on their faces. It’s all from Bella’s point of view when you’re seeing what’s going. It should feel visceral. I think it’s going to be pretty intense.”

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Kellan Lutz Chats With Fans & Talk About Rob

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Kellan Lutz: I Don’t Have R-Pattz’s Hair — But I Have Dimples!

Kellan Lutz opens up to OK! about returning to work on The Twilight Saga set, how he can compete with Robert Pattinson’s hair and why he sends his best wedding wishes to Hilary Duff!

Kellan hosted Social Sundays at the Borgata Sunbar on Aug. 9 at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City where he filled OK! in on what he has coming up in his life!

From filming Breaking Dawn, improving his action career and thinking about weddings, Kellan has a lot to look forward to and so do you!

It’s been a busy year for you, how are you planning on spending your time off?
Vacation. I actually just got back from doing three movies in a row, all back-to-back. It was really cool to be a part of those projects but it’s nice to have down time, me time, dog time and family time. And I want to go to Turkey really bad. Istanbul, Iceland and Ireland. And somewhere to get away and get a tan before I have to be all pale for a while. But just relaxing because Breaking Dawn is going to be a big movie to shoot.

Undoubtedly you’ll be doing lots of eating! How are you going to maintain your Calvin Klein physique?
I really believe that eating has helped my physique. I really believe being bigger… when I don’t eat or I try to be food conscious I lose weight and I don’t like losing weight. So I’m going for the steaks, I’m going for the big hearty meals, I love Indian food. Hopefully I’ll be getting some good Lebanese food. Anything and everything, I just love to eat it!

You start filming in the fall?
Yes, I believe we might start rehearsals in September – fight training – and then I think start production in November until March. In Vancouver and Baton Rouge.

What do you like about filming in Vancouver?
Everything! I love to snowboard, so it’s going to be good to be there in the winter. I’m going to be in Vancouver in the wintertime when I can actually use Whistler big time. I’m a big snowboarding junkie. The restaurants there are amazing. The seafood’s great, the steaks are great. We’ve been shooting up there for the last two movies, so we kind of have our hole in the wall bars where we can semi-escape.

Where do you like to go?
I can’t say! Then it won’t be our hole in the wall where we can disappear to. But I love getting lost there. And we just have a really great group of actors who are real people who can just have fun.

Tell me what it’s like on set with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
Really fun, we have so many inside jokes now and again we don’t get sick of each other because these movies are only three to four months of shooting and then we’re off doing our own thing. And then we get excited to come back and it’s like a great family reunion. I can’t wait. I really can’t wait. I don’t think many actors who are part of trilogies or sagas can say that and really can’t wait to get back to the cast again. Share stories and make more memories.

Do you keep in touch with your co-stars outside of filming?
Yes, that’s the really cool thing about acting. You build these friendships and anytime you can spend time with a person for months, and hours on set, you really learn a lot about someone. And you’re going to be there for a while you might as well make some best friends out of it. It’s a dream to be in an industry that’s very fickle and to find friendships.

Are you excited for the saga to continue or are you looking forward to new projects?
I love it. It’s been a blessing to me. I haven’t really had time to look at what it was. Five years from now I’ll really appreciate it. But it’s opened up so many doors. It’s allowed me to mold my career in the action route, which I would love to do. I love doing stunts, I love doing action movies.

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InStyle (2008) Untagged Outtakes

You can view the rest in the gallery . Click here .


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