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GQ On Rob’s Hair – R.I.P. The Best Hair That Ever Was, 2008-2011

GQ pays tribute to Rob’s lustrous, beguiling haircut, which was massacred last week

From then on, I was put in my place—still I watched Pattinson’s mane grow and evolve over the course of its few short years with us. At times it was a pompadour of restrained heights. At others, it was a finger-messed mop of prophetically tousled matter. In its last days it was quieter and more subdued, short and textured with an oily sheen of immortal glory. Of course, its days were numbered.

It’s funny—looking at a wild head like that you always had the feeling it might live fast and die young. Things that great never stick around. But that didn’t make its departure any less tragic or absurd. It’s been almost a week, but I can’t stop thinking of that image. Mangled and dismembered. Half-shaven like Rosie. Paraded around at fucking Comic-Con like a prize! No.

Still, we’ll always have that moment, crystallized in time, accessible through YouTube— that Twilight bastard exiting some four-door, hair styled as if by accident, every strand quivering in the wind, godlike, forever young.

Let’s take a moment and remember that glorious hair !


Rob Makes GQ’s – Golden Globes Most Stylish List


Robert Pattinson

Gone is the slouchy, wild-haired vampire pin-up that we know and love: RPattz walked the red carpet in Gucci, looking significantly sharper than he has for some time.




Rob #4 On GQ (UK) 2011 Best Dressed List


1. Aaron Johnson
2. Douglas Booth
3. Nicholas Hoult
4. Robert Pattinson
5. Prince Harry
6. David Furnish
7. Tom Ford
8. Alex James
9. Jenson Button
10. Bill Nighy
11. David Walliams
12. Matt Smith
13. Dominic Cooper
14. Patrick Grant
15. Tinie Tempah
16. David Beckham
17. David Gandy
18. Adrien Sauvage
19. George Lamb
20. David Cameron
21. Sir Elton John
22. Ben Barnes
23. Theo Hutchcraft of Hurts
24. Tom Hardy
25. William Gilchrist
26. Romeo Beckham
27. Prince William
28. Ray Winstone
29. Jude Law
30. Jarvis Cocker

GQ said: ‘Our list goes right down to a frighteningly tuned-in (and well-connected) eight-year-old, taking in anyone from actors, aristocrats and hip-hop artists to fashion designers and Formula One drivers along the way.’

Vote For Rob As GQ’s Best Dressed


Voting is now open for GQ’s Best Dressed . Some of the contenders fort the award for Best Dressed include Jude Law , True Blood’s Stephen Moyer, Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe.

You can vote for Rob here.





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New GQ Outtakes !!







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Better Quality GQ Pic’s

You can view the rest in the gallery . Click here.

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Rob #2 On GQ’s ‘The 50 Coolest Men’ List


Rob In Premiere Magazine France

France’s Premiere Magazine features two new photos of Robert Pattinson from his GQ photo shoot from 2009.

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Rob # 2 On GQ Magazine’s ‘Coolest’ Men List

Prince Harry has been crowned the king of cool in a list compiled by GQ magazine.

The 25-year old royal beat heartthrob Robert Pattinson to take the number one spot.

Also making the top ten were Dizzee Rascal, runner Usain Bolt and Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders.

Prince William failed to make the list of 50 coolest men.

The magazine said the cut-off age for eligible men was 37 and a half and took into account an ”enviable sense of savoir faire, a talent for transforming the mundane into the extraordinary, or just a really edgy haircut”.

The youngest member of the elite club is 7-year-old Albert Cocker – son of former Pulp star Jarvis.

The list appears in the July issue of GQ.

Top ten ‘coolest’ men

1. Prince Harry
2. Robert Pattinson
3. Reggie Love (Aide to US President Barack Obama)
4. Dizzee Rascal
5. Jason Schwartzman (actor)
6. Usain Bolt
7. Ryan McGinley (photographer)
8. Dustin Lance Black (screenwriter)
9. Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys drummer)
10. Wells Tower (author)

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Rob On The Cover Of GQ South Africa !

About freaking time ! At long last I do not have to go to extremes to get a mags Rob is featured in !

Rob will grace the cover of the June issue of GQ South Africa .

OMG and he looks soooooo good !

Drool buckets WILL be needed !

Enjoy !

Source : Thinking Of Rob , Thanks Natalie !!

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