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New Outtakes From Rob’s Details Photoshoot !

The 1st two pic’s are new ( at least to me ) the other two I’ve seen before but not in HQ.



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News Wrap

For those who have been living under a rock the past week or if life just got in the way of feeding your Rob addiction here’s what you may have missed.

Rob as you’ve never seen him before in the Details magazine shoot.

Some people may be offended by these pic’s while other think it was very tastefully done. As for me , I can look past the super skinny nude models and focus on Rob.

Click here for the interview & here for the pics and video.

The interview is funny and a certain comment has been the topic of may a conversation this week.

New Eclipse pics.

Yes they are out there.

Yes there was a leg hitch ,a ring box , Bella trying to seduce poor Edward and a steamy kiss in the meadow but because these are thought to be leaked most sites removed them after only a few hours, including myself.

There are those who still have them posted but I do not want Summit on my back.

Breaking Dawn News

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have not signed up for fifth Twilight film.
We’ve already heard rumours that Twilight directors are considering splitting the final film, Breaking Dawn, in two.
But now it’s been revealed that the film’s top stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner have not actually signed on for a fifth installment.
In fact the rising Hollywood hot stars have only signed an agreement for four films, and would have to renegotiate their deals if an extra flick was added.

Read the full story here

Pierce Brosnan – “Robert Pattinson is a great lad”

‘He’s got his head on his shoulders,’ Brosnan says of the ‘Twilight’ star.

The rabid fans with their cell phone cams and ear-splitting screams. The frenzy over a rumored run-in with a moving taxi cab. The daily perils and pleasures of working in the Big Apple. As all this by-now-familiar madness surrounded Robert Pattinson on the New York City set of “Remember Me” last year, co-star Pierce Brosnan couldn’t help but want to shield his fellow actor.

“I play his dad and there’s a part of you, as a dad — you feel protective toward the fellow,” Brosnan told MTV News.

Even the man behind four James Bond films had a hard time processing the fan and paparazzi circus that surrounded the production each day. “It was really bizarre,” he told MTV News. “We were filming in Central Park South and the caravans are there and mine was very quiet and sedate and I’m reading my book and having a nice cup of coffee. Down the other end was Robert with 6,000 girls. I’ve never encountered such a thing.”

Brosnan would make his way from his trailer to set, waving to fans and reveling in some of the attention that still comes his way after years of portraying the world’s most dapper super spy. Then RPattz would arrive.

“By the time I walked up the steps of the plaza, he’d be coming up behind me and there’d be this cacophony, this blistering sound barrier of girls,” he laughed. “They just love him to bits and he’s a great lad.”

The older actor credited the younger one with taking an active role in his career, moving from simply acting to also producing — a move that Brosnan said should lead to a long and successful stay in Hollywood. “He acquits himself really well and he’s got his head on his shoulders,” Brosnan said. “He’s an executive producer on this movie and so, grace under pressure, he’ll move right through this period and have a great time. Just enjoy it. Give a little, get a lot.”

Source : MTV

Rob to present at the BAFTAS


Water for Elephants

Despite widespread Internet rumors stating that a certain vampire will visit Ithaca this summer, no production plans for the movie Water for Elephants will be confirmed until April, according to University Press Officer Blaine Friedlander.

“If they are going to film [Water for Elephants] here, we would love to have them and we would love to cooperate,” Friedlander said.

After rumors began to spread, the University called Fox 2000, the production company that won a bidding war to film the movie, but nothing final has been planned, according to Friedlander.

You can read the full story here

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I think that about cover it. Have a great weekend . 🙂

More Photos From the Details Shoot

Details Mag has released  a few more pic from the shoot.

WOW hope we get to see even more , keeping my fingers crossed .


Details Mag Interview.

Here’s the interview that go with those gorgeous pics , there’s a video too.

Some of this interview is not for under 18. You’ve been warned .

Robert Pattinson On Life Beyond Twilight

It’s the unseasonably cold November of 2008 when I go to New York’s Bowery Hotel. There’s a young man sitting in the garden, wrapped in about nine black sweaters and wearing a wool hat, smoking cigarettes, sipping a latte the size of his head, and furiously making notes on a script in the bitter cold. I have read about teenage girls lighting themselves on fire in front of his hotel, but at the moment Robert Pattinson is warming his hands on a coffee cup.

Hello, I’m Jenny. I think I’m here so you can check me out.
“Okay. I’m Rob. Um . . . would you like some fries? With gravy?”

Allen Coulter, the director of Hollywoodland and a creative force behind The Sopranos, has sent me. He was thinking about doing this movie—it wasn’t quite there yet, but I should “come meet Rob.”

Rob. When he came to the United States, he slept on his agent’s sofa and then got a small part in a movie called Harry Potter and the Something of Something, which grossed nearly $900 million worldwide. And then he made another one, called Twilight, which grossed $385 million in theaters and almost another $200 million in U.S. DVD sales. Box-office riches, like so much of the female population of this planet, follow him from continent to continent, nursing a raging crush.

Coulter suggested I do some rewrite work on Remember Me (for the record, there is only one credited writer, Will Fetters), the first American release in which Rob will portray a mortal, nonmagical, carbon-based life form of the earthly realm—Salvador Dalí, whom he played in Little Ashes, surely doesn’t qualify. As Rob scribbles away on the script’s pages, it’s clear he is starting his own revision process.

Rob’s face is constantly busy—especially his kaleidoscopic eyes, which are continually rolling and dilating, because he is always thinking. Over the course of that latte, he contemplates Jimi Hendrix, French fries, girls, art, beer, his cousin the philosopher, girls, truth, God, his dog, girls, and whether this week’s stalker has followed him from L.A. I don’t think he could turn his brain off if he wanted to.

Despite the legion of fans trailing him from hotel to hotel, laying siege to each like the Roman army, he is neither fearful nor cocky—he’s hungry, curious, forever reaching intellectually. That may not sound like a big deal, but think of the context: Complete strangers want to fuck you, shoot you, be you, buy you, sell you, run their fingers through your hair, watch you have sex, hear you pee, eat chips with you, and kidnap you and stuff you in the trunk of their car. And you? You must know more, more, more about exotic tropical diseases.

Rob and I discover we share a mutual fascination with afflictions that maim and disfigure and disgust: He brings up cancrum oris, in which bacteria eat away at your face until you get kind of a window in the side of your head and the entire world sees your teeth; I mention cyclic vomiting syndrome, a condition in which you puke literally all the goddamn time; he delights in lymphatic filariasis, where parasitic worms burrow into your lymph nodes and can make your balls swell to the size of watermelons, forcing you to tote them around in a wheelbarrow.

We come up with a blockbuster hit movie, entitled Candiru Infestation, about a tiny fish that swims up your urethra and into your urinary tract and lodges in your cock with backward-facing umbrella spikes it shoots from its spine.

“Fucking brilliant! It could be like Finding Nemo!” says Rob. “And the little candiru is lost in the balls! Think of the soundtrack!”

Fourteen months later we’re in London. New Moon, the second movie in the Twilight saga, has set box-office records for largest midnight opening and biggest opening-day gross. Remember Me, Rob’s young-man-in-crisis drama, has wrapped. He has 24 hours before he has to start rehearsals for Bel Ami, based on the Guy de Maupassant novel, in which he plays a bed-hopping social climber.

He is waiting to pick me up in the bar of my hotel. He has ordered himself a pint of beer and, remembering my beverage of choice, a Diet Coke for me. He has the lovely manners of the good son of a good mum.

He says he wants to take me to a particular restaurant nearby, “just a little out-of-the-way place.” So out of the way, it turns out, that after wandering around nearly all of Covent Garden, we can’t find it. He doesn’t seem too surprised, really. Of late he’s been getting lost a lot in his own hometown. But then it’s been a couple of years since he’s actually lived here, and London is confusing as hell anyway.

Considering alternatives, we peek into a crowded café full of the young and beautiful, but he recoils. A few minutes later, when we come to a tiny Mexican place, his hackles go up a bit. Hmm. I ask him whether, at this point, he’s able to sniff out crazed fans lurking under the tables.

“Yes. Sure. But last time I was here, the guacamole was bad.”

Rob has made no sartorial concessions to Britain’s ugliest winter weather in 30 years. A button-down, light Carhartt-like jacket, no gloves. He does have a hat, perhaps the same one he wore in New York. I’m swaddled like the Michelin Man and I’m fucking freezing. He’s cheery, unfazed, giggling away. It occurs to me that London seems to afford him a freedom he doesn’t have in New York or Los Angeles. And a London night with deserted, snow-piled streets, after an epic storm that paralyzed Heathrow and shut down the Eurostar trains, is like an unbridled romp while going commando.

Without trying, we arrive back where we started, in front of the Covent Garden Hotel. Across the street there’s a high-end sex-toy-and-bondage shop called Coco de Mer. I mention that I popped in there earlier (before the National Gallery, thank you), and I tell him about this insane S&M body-harness contraption they have that allows you to dress up like a horse and have a long tail.

“That’s so English. I want to do this entire interview wearing it, from an equine point of view,” he says, stomping the sidewalk with make-believe hooves. “Seriously. As an experiment in public perceptions. Is the place still open?”

More of the interview after the jump.

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Details Mag Pics !

Warning extra drool buckets needed !! I may just be dead after this post !

Pics by Norman Jean Roy


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