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Christian Serratos– Robert Pattinson Singing As Edward Cullen Would Be Cool

Q: Who is your favorite Twilight character?

CS: It would probably be Edward. Edward and Alice. He’s like the perfect guy ever and [she] is pretty, sassy and cool. She’s got a lot of great one-liners.

Q: Do you also sing?

CS: I do. I took a break from that when I got Twilight because it took up a big chunk of time. I’m going to get back at that, though.

Q: Have you thought of bridging the two interests and doing musicals?

CS: That would be really cool. It would have to be a really bomb musical.

Q: A vampire musical?

CS: A vampire musical. That would be really cool. I’d be down for something like that. It would have to be something really creepy, like Repo The Genetic Opera. I feel if it’s going to be a musical, it has to be really edgy.

Q: Can you imagine a Twilight musical?

CS: Imagine Robert [Pattinson] singing as Edward Cullen? That would be cool.

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