Judi Shekoni – Zafrina In Breaking Dawn – Talk About Rob

You’re currently filming for Twilight: Breaking Dawn, playing Amazonian vampire Zafrina – were you a fan of the franchise before securing the role?

Absolutely. I read the first two books when I was on a cruise around the Bahamas with my friend Jenny. I tend not to read fiction but I got to the stage of boredom that I would have tried anything. At first, it seemed a bit weird and I remember thinking ‘I don’t understand, it’s all about kids’, but the more I read, the more hooked I was. At one point, I was like get me off this ship I need to go buy the next book. When the first film was released, me and my friends all booked tickets in advance and we just adored it.

It’s taken on element of the surreal now because just the other day I was stood in the Cullen house, looking at their book shelf thinking as if I’m here!

What has it been like working with the cast?

Everyone has been super nice, there’s an atmosphere of family. Spending time with everyone has been great, Rob (Pattinson) is such a laugh and it’s been an enjoyable experience. There’s a mix of nationalities here, and the Canadians are a lot like the Brits with their humour.  Sometimes you can join a project like this and be met by a few prima-donnas, but that couldn’t be further from the truth here.  All us newcomers are welcomed like we’ve been involved since the beginnings. It helps that we’re in the most beautiful hotel. It’s like a network of private mini lodges; I’ve even got my own fireplace!

Are you Team Edward or Jacob?

I’d have to say Team Edward. Being a fan of the books, it’s hard not to fall for him; he is the dream man we’re all looking for.

Are you ready for the influx of media attention you’re no doubt going to receive for being part of the Twilight Saga?

It’s been crazy already. Fans seem to know where we are before we do, and are always waiting near the set or hotels and airports. Being associated with such a high profile film, there’s bound to be a lot of attention. The premiere is what I’m most looking forward to, getting to go the Kodak Chinese Theatre in Hollywood for my own film, and coming to London to show it to home audiences. I can’t imagine how exciting it’ll be.


You can read the rest of the interview here.




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