Vote For Robert Pattinson In The UK’s Richard Attenborough Film Awards

The Richard Attenborough Film Awards (RAFAS), the UK’s annual regional Film Of The Year awards – the film industry’s celebration of the year’s top films and movie stars as voted for by regional newspaper film critics and cinemagoers alike.

This year, we are sponsoring the public award category – where you decide the winner! We want you to choose your favourite film star of 2010, one of the most spectacular years in movie history ever. To help you vote, we’ve narrowed down your choices to 5 actresses and 5 actors who we believe gave the best performances of the year.


You can vote here.


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  1. robert pattinson is a super star-not only for his looks but for his great screen presence -there is something about the actor that is different then many others. He is a very sensitive,deep individual, which eminates on the screen. England should be proud of actor Robert Pattinson and how he presents himself in interviews, on tv and in cannes.He is and intelctual,with many talents and will go far in his career.

  2. Mafruha Chowdhury

    My favorite film star is Robert Pattinson for ‘Twilight’.

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