Robert Pattinson & Daniel Radcliffe : Megastars With Humility

While Robert Pattinson is already known for his modesty, Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe has also come out in the air citing that he has always tried to stay grounded.

Daniel Radcliffe stands on the threshold of his 20s and despite being so young, he is already known in most parts of the planet. Right from a 5 year old kid to a 60 year wiser, he has displayed his phenomenal acting skills in his captivating wizardry films of the Harry Potter series.

Not only has he been spawning headlines for the last 10 years, he is also critically acclaimed and a super rich actor. But for someone whose name is chanted by millions of women, Daniel is a humble person who refrains from the lavish ramblings of people like the ostentatious Paris Hilton.

Daniel doesn’t consider himself a celebrity and tries to keep his feet on the ground. “I’ve never considered myself a celebrity. Usually, people who do feel that way aren’t very nice,” he cites.

Similarly, actor Robert Pattinson, too, despite having a tsunami like following goes about his business in a very modest manner. Down-to-earth and witty, he has hardly (or perhaps never) shown the airs of being a mega star.


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