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It was May 13, 2010, Rob’s 24th birth­day. Any fan would have wanted to talk to con­grat­u­late him or give a gift, but we did the oppo­site: we got the gift from him, since we had the chance to chat and ask him details about “Eclipse”. It was 1:53pm when my cell phone was linked to him in Bev­erly Hills, Cal­i­for­nia. I greeted him with a “Hi, How are you?” . He answered “Okay … What about you?” I could have said I was in shock, but I just answer that great …” ready for this inter­view?”, I pro­nounce, and after a “yes” we start it.

TU: What was it like work­ing with new direc­tor, David Slade?
It’s strange, every direc­tor has been dif­fer­ent. Cather­ine Hard­wicke is a lit­tle wild, Chris Weitz was so calm and easy to under­stand, David has a dif­fer­ent view on how to do a movie, he brought a lot of new ideas, which was interesting.

TU: Eclipse gives a lot of human val­ues. For exam­ple, Edward propos­ing to his fam­ily a peace treaty with the wolves to pro­tect Bella. For you, what’s the main mes­sage in this film?
Maybe that you don’t have to base your entire life in only one per­son and to anchor your­self to some­one. I mean, you will always have other com­mit­ments and it’s the only way to keep a healthy rela­tion­ship. Another mes­sage? Um, I had one in mind and I just for­got. Oh! I got it: Edward’s mes­sage is to value life. For him, being sep­a­rate from the world and not being able to live is awful, that’s the mes­sage Edward gives us.

TU: What was the biggest chal­lenge dur­ing Eclipse?
The amount of accion scenes. We had a lot of action sequences and a lot of train­ing and those type of things I hadn’t done for Twi­light or any other film, so it was very different.

TU: How have you changed from the first film to the third one?
They are all dif­fer­ent and I had to adapt to that. The first two are more inti­mate. Twi­light is the rela­tion­ship between Edward and Bella, New Moon is the devel­op­ment of Jacob and Bella. Eclipse unites the were­wolves and the vam­pires for a goal. What this one achieves is huge.
TU: Did you have a spe­cial train­ing to film all the action scenes Eclipse?
Yeah, I did about a month, well about three weeks before we started film­ing [laughs]. We rehearsed the main fight every day, the big scenes and some other things, it was really tireing!

TU: Was there any very dan­ger­ous scene were you had to use a stunt dou­ble?
Some­times, but I tried to do most of my action scenes. Gen­er­ally, they won’t let me do very dan­ger­ous scenes, because if I get hurt, they have to stop film­ing for some time. I do what I can.

TU: Talk­ing about fights, what was it like work­ing with Bryce Dal­las Howard?
¡Oh! She’s mag­nif­i­cent, she’s really adorable, she turns dia­bolic in the film … but in real life she’s one of the nicest and car­ing peo­ple I’ve ever met.

TU: Could you talk to us a lit­tle about the pro­posal scene?
It was strange to do that, it was a weird scene and curi­ously we did it on the last day of shoot­ing. I think it’s very sweet. I hope peo­ple like it, it’s a very nice part of the film.

TU: What did you learn while mak­ing this film?
I think I learned how fight like a vam­pire [laughs] What else? I don’t know, I don’t remem­ber [more laughs].

TU: Do you remem­ber the first day of shoot­ing?
Yeah! What hap­pened? Oh, I can’t remem­ber! It’s ter­ri­ble. I remem­ber recently we repeated some scenes. I don’t know, one day of shoot­ing. Every time I get back from a break, they put make up on me and cen­ter on every lit­tle detail. Remem­ber­ing that is nice, it’s familiar.

TU: What’s the best about being a vam­pire?
From Edward, I like that you don’t relate to peo­ple in the same way you do with humans, you’re dif­fer­ent, it’s like you’re invis­i­ble. Obvi­ously you see the world in a dif­fer­ent way, but com­mu­ni­cate some other way. You can do what­ever you want, basi­cally because you are not human. I think that’s it.

TU: What was your favorite scene in Eclipse?
I liked work­ing with Tay­lor, they were inter­est­ing, because I usu­ally only film with Kris­ten. So the scenes with Jacob and Edward were fun.

TU: The suc­cess you have won’t stop! Why do you think girls are so fas­ci­nated with Edward?
They are so con­nected to the books, I don’t think it’s a spe­cific char­ac­ter that they love so much. It must be the rela­tion­ship between Edward and Bella, they love that pair­ing so much, they want to know what hap­pens with their lives, I think they are curi­ous in that way.

TU: What was your favorite loca­tion?
We filmed a lot on top of a moun­tain in Van­cou­ver. It was very high and it’s before the big fight scene, it was beautiful.

TU: Thanks for your time, and happy birth­day!
Thank you!

Source via  Thinking of Rob


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  1. You know, I have to tell you, I really enjoy this blog and the insight from everyone who participates. I find it to be refreshing and very informative. I wish there were more blogs like it. Anyway, I felt it was about time I posted, Ive spent most of my time here just lurking and reading, but today for some reason I just felt compelled to say this.

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