Edward Will Be Angrier In ‘Eclipse’

Robert Pattinson has been talking about changes to his character Edward in the upcoming new Twilight movie Eclipse.

The star of the vampire series is back for the third film, along with his co-stars Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob).

Eclipse picks up where New Moon left off with a budding love triangle between their three characters.

24-year-old Robert, who has now coined the nickname R-Patz, says this film will see his brooding vampire Edward expressing his anger a lot more:

“Up until this point in the series, every bit of aggression and rage and every time where Edward feels he’s going to lose control of himself, he always reins himself back in. It’s easier to play in this one, because he’s more of a normal person, he acts upon his instincts” the actor says.

Meanwhile Kristen Stewart, who is rumoured to be dating R-Patz in real life, says she is pleased that the love between Bella and Edward has grown through the series:

“What I really like about the love triangle, and what it does for the love story in the movie is that she thinks that there could absolutely be no one else for her and that she somehow got so lucky to find this eternal… like somehow their love is more important than other people’s because it’s like, more than human,” says Kristen.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is out in cinemas on June 30.

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