Robert Pattinson, An Oscar Nod in His Future? His Castmates Seem to Think So…

Robert Pattinson is taking a break from his role as Edward Cullen and Twilight; this summer the hunky vampire is filming Water For Elephants, a film based on my avbsolute favorite book…yet, by Sara Gruen.  Robert Pattinson is taking his role in this film very seriously; I would too if the world only knew me as a love-struck vampire.

In the film Pattinson plays a veteranarian during the Depression who hooks up with a traveling circus.  Also starring in the film are Reese Witherspoon, playing Robert Pattinson’s love interest, Marlena, and Christoph Waltz who plays the circus manager, August.

Christoph Waltz was the one who, when asked where he keeps his Oscar (Best Supporting Actor 2010, Inglorious Bastards), said “in [his] house.  But the way things are looking [he] might have to hand it off the Rob next year.”  Interesting…I can only imagine that Waltz would only say this if he truly believed the Twilight hottie was good enough.

I am looking forward to Water for Elephants, not only to see Robert Pattinson play a non-wizard or vampire role, but because the storyline is so good.  Reese Witherspoon was an excellent but obvious casting choice; Robert being chosen for this role came at somewhat of a surprise to be…I hope it will be pleasant.

Are you excited to see Robert Pattinson play a “normal” character?  Do you think he has what it takes to secure an Oscar nod?

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