What Would Chris Weitz Change In New Moon ?

Anybody else think that Edward and Bella’s slow mo run through the forest was a little cheesy or funny ?

Well Chris seem to agree.

Chris Weitz reveals his biggest regret directing ‘New Moon’

By Gregory Ellwood

One of the most entertaining aspects of the new “Twilight Saga: New Moon” DVD and Blu-ray is the audio commentary from director Chris Weitz and his editor Peter Lambert.

During their long and funny conversation, Weitz makes a humbling revelation about one of his few regrets in the movie: the infamous moment where Aro (Michael Sheen) looks into Alice Cullen’s mind (Ashley Greene) and see the future fate of our hero Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart).  What was meant as a dramatic reveal that Bella would become a vampire, and thus satisfy Aro’s wishes, drew unintentional laughter as audiences observed Bella and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) seemingly skipping through the forest in slow motion.

Speaking to Weitz earlier this week, the director laughed about the moment and admitted that he discovered the mistake a bit too late.

“I think it could have been less than an Arcadian fairy tale running through the foresty movement and more of an abstract at Kristen flash on her face,” Weitz says of what he would have changed. “That would have avoided laughter, which wasn’t only heard at the premiere where there are cynics and jaded Hollywood types, but the most packed fan screenings.”

Weitz, who is currently prepping his independent drama “The Gardener ” for Summit Entertainment (the same company that shepherds “Twilight”) was taking time out of his busy schedule to talk about the release of the highly anticipated two-disc DVD on March 23.  It’s clear one of the reasons he’s doing more publicity for the film is because he feels “tremendously grateful” for the support of the “Twilight” fanbase which helped “New Moon” hit $706 million worldwide and revitalize his career.  He notes, “I feel like it was two-way street. The reason the fans have been kind to me is i really approached it from step one as ‘What would I want as a reader of the book?’ I didn’t concern myself with making a four quadrant movie or any overall effect other than to be true to the nature of the book. To be able to entertain people and give people joy in that way is something a director looks for his whole life.”

One of the other interesting aspects of Weitz’s audio commentary is that the filmmaker refers to a number of deleted scenes from the film. Like many commentaries, Weitz’s was recorded soon after “Noon Moon” was released.  At the time he was unaware the DVD would contain none of the deleted scenes he mentions although he suspects they might be included on new DVD packages down the road.

“I think those were kind of made at the corporate level,” Weitz says. “I am very satisfied with the cut we did. Goofy running in the forest notwithstanding.”

As for fans who are still holding out Weitz may direct the fourth (and possibly fifth) installments in the series, “Breaking Dawn,” the filmmaker says that’s very unlikely.

“I think that for some rather dull reasons it probably won’t happen, but that’ because of my family and what I owe them having done tow big epic-y films and I get to make ‘The Gardener’ in LA,” Weitz says. “But  [to do that after ‘New Moon’] I think my mind would explode.”

After “Gardener,” which Weitz told me he wouldn’t mind seeing at Sundance next year, things are happily up in the air.

“I’ve wanted to do ‘The Gardener’ for a couple of years now and it was always built into my life plan,” Weitz admits. “And I happen to be fortunate in having representatives who get that and who are not always trying to get me to get a payday.”


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